Creating Harmony

I used to believe that creating harmony was my job #1 in life.

I have been letting it slip lately, and I want to work on that. I moved my mom to a retirement community at the beginning of the summer and spent the next three months regrouping–getting myself back to me, after spending 9 months taking care of her.

I let myself watch movies, read books, visited friends…. I really enjoyed it. Then in September, as I wrote earlier I started working more and got sort of frenzied, trying to fit so many things into each day.

When I looked at what I was doing, I realized that I didn’t want to work quite that much, so am figuring out other solutions. In the meantime, I also noticed that I was getting impatient with my mom when I would take her shopping or spend time with her. Where did my harmony go?

It went back into a lower priority level. I just wasn’t mindful of how important it is for me to get along with my mother. No, I don’t really enjoy listening to her air her political views. And yes, sometimes it is difficult to wait for her to move around.

But she’s alive and well and thinking! And she CAN move! And she is interested in ideas and keeps her mind active!

So, this morning I made a renewed commitment to place harmony in a higher position on my priority scale. I stopped by for a moment to see my mom, and I truly felt different about being around her.

Life is so clearly a state of mind!