Loving What Is

I am in the middle of a two day class called The Breakthrough Experience with Dr. John Demartini. I love being emmersed in the study of universal principles and how they apply to our daily lives. And I love even more spending a weekend with a group of people from all walks of life who earnestly desire to face their inner challenges and find a way to love what is as it is.

Last night I watched a couple find the beauty and blessing of having what they previously perceived was a difficult child. They found out she was a catalyst for change and helped keep the family dynamic going, even when they saw her as a problem.

I watched sons find the blessings of difficult relationships with their mothers, and daughters realize that the behavior they thought was so cruel and damaging by their fathers was actually a form of love that helped them grow into the amazing women they are today.

Transformational work is not for everyone–it requires a tremendous amount of depth and honesty to go inside ourselves, find the traits we despise or are repelled by in others and see where we have those same traits to the same degree, then find the benefits of having experienced those traits through difficult situations. It takes courage and discipline, and a willingness to go beyond our assumptions, break our myths and expand our consciousnesses.

And it is so worth the effort! I have worked with Dr. Demartini for 10 years now, and have yet to find any other tools that are as effective as the Demartini Method. I hope more people will visit his website, www.drdemartini.com and explore what he has to offer. It is life altering.