Not your “ideal” job?

One of my clients recently emailed me with this question:

“I’m trying to appreciate my current job like you suggested, as I know the contacts I’ve made…are part of my total vision…I’ve [worked on doing that] but nothing clear has come to me.”

My response to her was:

” I haven’t ever been employed—in any capacity—whether running my own business or working in an organization I really supported—where I didn’t have pretty extreme positives and negatives about the work. I think it is endemic to life. So the sooner we break the myth that an ideal job is anything less than one that challenges as well as supports us, the sooner we can be present, keep growing our vision and doing what is in front of us because it is our divine gift for our further unfoldment. I know that sounds like a strong opinion and it is. Most of us spend too much time in the myth of what could have been or may be in the future and not enough time looking for the benefits of what is right in front of us. No matter what stories we make up, that kind of thinking is what keeps us from being present.”

What I’m really saying is that every job is your ideal job, because it gives you the opportunity to learn and grow. And if you fully do that, it leads to the next growth step, which could very easily be another job!

It is so interesting to me that I hear people talk about God and Divine Order and purport to believe that all is ultimately in God’s hands, or that the Divine Order of life is ever present, but then they separate themselves from that Order and make up the story that exactly what they are dealing with in exactly that moment is also in Divine Order and can be seen as a blessing.