Thank You, John Demartini

Last night I spent a few hours with my teacher and mentor, Dr. John F. Demartini. He gave a talk on his new book, FROM STRESS TO SUCCESS. Listening to him bring out the universal principles that I have been studying with him for 10 years was so helpful.

He reminded me of one very important truth: We’re not victims of our history; we’re getting feedback to master our destiny. So, all the things we don’t like that happened in the past (a minute ago, yesterday, last year, etc.) are actually bits of feedback to inform how we create our next minute, day, week, year, etc.

The other gem I recognized is that stress levels have a lot to do with not seeing the value of what we have. When we focus on what we perceive we don’t have, or think we need that we can’t get, then we just haven’t looked for the form we already have it in. I know this principle, but I can see now that I have some work to do to truly apply it in my daily life.

So, off to a much different day today than yesterday, and I look forward to seeing what I’m thinking and recognizing as the day progresses.